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The purpose of this page is to provide information on who to contact in case of cleaning or maintenance issues with the house or pool, handling of the equipment and electronics in the house, and other features of the house. Please note that if a maintenance or cleaning issue should arise, we ask that you contact Shore Details at 252-357-7121. They will serve as the clearing house to handle any issues.

All in One Remotes

When we originally built Shore's Heaven, we were very excited about all of the options we were giving people when it came to electronics, especially with TVs with integrated DVD players in every bedroom. In addition there were three rooms (Great Room, Media Room, and Game Room) that had TVs, stereo receivers with outdoor speakers, and so forth. Things worked well in the bedrooms because there was only one remote. In the Great Room, Media Room and Game Room there were as many as three to four remotes, which generally led to great frustration as guests tried to figure out how to work everything. Even with instructions, people were struggling.

We solved this problem as we now have a single remote per room, which controls all of the electronics in that room. A two page instruction guide has also been provided per room. If either the remote or instructions are missing in these three rooms (Great Room, Media Room, and Game Room), please notify Shore Details immediately. In addition, if the battery indicator (upper left hand corner of the screen on the remote) is low, please contact Shore Details so they can change out the batteries.

The Great Room (Top Level) electronics are controlled by the remote named "Living Room". The full instructions are provided here.  This should provide instructions on its use until a new paper copy is provided. It will only work the electronics in this room. Please do not try to use this remote in another room.

The Media Room (Middle Level) electronics are controlled by the remote called "Theater Room".  The full instructions for its use are found here.

Finally, the Game Room remote controls the Game Room (First Floor) electronics. The full set of instruction can be found here.

Keyless Entry

Before owning property on the Outer Banks, I hated starting my vacation in a Rental Company office. It always seemed that everyone and their brother arrived at precisely the same time we did. Not to mention that after an 8-hour drive the last thing I wanted to do was stand in line.

We've solved that issue at Shore's Heaven and will provide you with a 4 to 6 digit code to unlock the doors. No fighting over the keys. No digging through your beach bag to find your keys. Just remember the code and you're in. And the best part? No more starting your vacation in a rental company office.

If there is an issue and you cannot get in, call Shore Details. They will come over and provide you with a key to get in while the problem is rectified.


I never looked forward to being a pack mule at the start of the vacation. One problem with the reversed floor plans is that food, coolers, and so forth, had to get to the third floor.

Say goodbye to sore backs, as the elevator does all of the heavy lifting for you. There is elevator access on all three floors. Note that after non-use, the elevator positions on the second floor. Press the button, and once it makes it to your floor, open the door. If the door is locked, press the button and it will release.  Pull back the sliding curtain to reveal the elevator. NOTE: If this curtain is not properly shut, the elevator will not operate.

The elevator is on an annual maintenance program to ensure proper operability. Please note that children should not use the elevator as a toy for safety reasons.

If there is an issue with the elevator, please call Shore Details and they will contact our elevator vendor.

Pool & Hot Tub

The pool area will most likely be a very popular spot on your vacation. The pool and hot tub are serviced on Sunday before your arrival and Wednesday morning during your stay. If there are any issues, contact Shore Details who will get in touch with our pool vendor to address the issue.


WIFI is provided for your use during your stay at no additional cost. When you arrive, turn on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and connect to the Wireless Network Connection “Shores Heaven.” The password is "shoresheaven".

Guest Closet

The Guest Closet is the first door as you enter the carport. Guests of Shore's Heaven have access to its use. It includes 6 beach chairs, a beach cart, boogie boards and other beach toys.

Guests do leave things in the closet from time to time. We request that at the end of your vacation, please hang the chairs back up on the hooks on the wall and if you do not want to bring something home with you, please throw it out if it is not working properly. The picture on the right is typically how the closet should be found and left.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this. Your consideration will enhance the next guests’ vacation.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Shore's Heaven has contracted  Shore Details for its cleaning and maintenance work and is part of the Concierge Program.  Shore Details is owned by Pam and Rene Stoffel. You should anticipate a call from them no later than the Tuesday of your vacation to see if you have any issues or if there’s anything that could make your vacation better.

Should you have an issue at any point during your vacation, you can contact them at 252-357-7121. After hours, please call 252-216-5344.

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